Brayford Campus – Lift Servicing

We currently have contractors on site servicing lifts across the Brayford Campus. From Monday 11th January, lifts will be serviced in the following buildings:

Date Buildings
Monday 11th January Nicola de la Haye Building

Peter de Wint Building

University Library

Tuesday 12th January Sarah Swift Building

David Chiddick Building

Janet Lane-Claypon Building

Wednesday 13th January Gateway

Isaac Newton Building

Thursday 14th January Minerva Building

Arts Bridge

Stephen Langton Building

Friday 15th January Think Tank

Minster House

Bridge House

Village Hall

Viking House A


During this period, lifts may be out of order for a short time whilst they are individually inspected.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused. If you have any queries about these works, please contact the Estates Support Desk by emailing: